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We’re excited to announce the integration of the Tradytics AI Discord Bots into our server! These bots are designed to provide real-time predictions, stats, and insights for various tickers. Here’s a breakdown of the new features and functionalities you can expect:


These bots automatically post content on our Discord throughout the day without any manual intervention:

  1. Trady Flow Bot: Offers options trade ideas by analyzing repeat and dominant options signals.
  2. Bullseye Bot: An AI signal tool that anticipates intraday movements in options contracts.
  3. Scalps Bot: Provides quick stock and options signals.
  4. Sweeps Bot: Highlights large options sweeps with high premiums.
  5. Golden Sweeps Bot: Alerts for unusually large sweeps with premiums worth over 1 million dollars.
  6. Darkpool Bot: Reports unusually large darkpool and block trades.
  7. Insider Bot: Daily updates on significant insider transactions.
  8. Analyst Grades Bot: Daily updates on analyst upgrades and downgrades.
  9. Important News: Covers news related to analyst grades, company ratings, mergers, and more.
  10. Crypto Breakouts: Alerts for new pullbacks or breakouts in cryptocurrencies.
  11. Crypto Signals: Provides entry and exit signals for scalp and swing ideas.
  12. Stock Breakouts: Analyzes over 5k stocks every minute to find market breakouts.
  13. Social Spike: Detects spikes in discussions about stocks on social media.


These bots require a specific command to provide results:

  1. AI Predictions: tradytics-all SYMBOL – Combines swing and intraday AI predictions for stock movement.
  2. Flow Summary: tradytics-flowsum SYMBOL – Provides a summary of calls, puts, buys, sells, premiums, volume, and more.
  3. Unusual Flow: tradytics-unusualflow SYMBOL – Highlights the top 10 most unusual options trades for a symbol.
  4. Open Interest: tradytics-oi SYMBOL EXPIRATION/ALL – Shows aggregate and expiration-level open interest for stocks.
  5. Implied Volatility: tradytics-iv SYMBOL – Displays the implied volatility (IV) and IV rank of a symbol.
  6. Darkpool Levels: tradytics-dplevels SYMBOL – Reveals price levels where most darkpool money has been spent.
  7. Support Resistance Levels: tradytics-srlevels SYMBOL PERIOD – Algorithmic support and resistance levels for different time periods.
  8. Insider Trades: tradytics-insider SYMBOL – Latest and largest insider trades for companies.
  9. Revenue Estimates: tradytics-estimates SYMBOL – Provides revenue estimates for upcoming quarters.
  10. Analyst Grades: tradytics-analysts SYMBOL – Recent analyst upgrades and downgrades for companies.
  11. Social Media Chatters: tradytics-chatter TWITTER/SUBREDDIT – Lists the most discussed stocks on various social media platforms.
  12. Scanner Signals: tradytics-scany SYMBOL for stocks and tradytics-cryptoscan SYMBOL for cryptocurrencies.
  13. Price Trigger Alerts: tradytics-palert SYMB TARGET A/B THRESH – Sets a price alert and notifies you via Discord when a target is reached.
  14. Price Charting: tradytics-chart SYMB PER VAL TYPE MA – Creates a chart of historical price data.
  15. Help: tradytics-help – Provides a list of all commands and detailed documentation on their usage.

To use the querying bots, simply type the provided command into the Discord chat, replacing placeholders (like SYMBOL) with the relevant information.

These bots are designed to enhance our trading experience by providing timely and accurate insights. We encourage everyone to explore these features and make the most out of them.

For more details, visit the Tradytics AI Discord Bots official page.

Happy trading! 📈🚀

Be sure to check out our discord server if you want to access this bot and all the new features! And also subscribe to our free weekly newsletter for up to date analysis and information!