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Option Drops offers a comprehensive trading community for all skill levels, emphasizing education and the trading process, supported by seasoned traders and real-time feedback. Join us to navigate the challenges of trading and achieve consistent success.

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Discover trading with Tyler, our founder and options expert who educates via YouTube, and Jordan, a specialist in price action and supply/demand strategies. Together, they’re dedicated to guiding you towards trading success.

Tyler Wilson


Tyler’s passion for investing started while working in Real Estate development. To further diversify his income streams, he ventured into the cryptocurrency space including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. In early 2018, Tyler began his foray into traditional markets, with a primary focus on options trading. In 2021, while finishing up his final year at the University of Houston Bauer, Tyler began trading full time and launched his YouTube channel OptionDrops. Since then his channel has grown to 33,000+ subscribers, and a burgeoning Discord channel has helped educate thousands of additional traders. Tyler's focus remains the same - teach traders the importance of fundamentals and technicals daily.

Jordan Ream (J. Ream)


Jordan developed an interest in finance at the age of 18 and began investing in the financial markets. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Marketing, he started trading and launched a YouTube channel. With a focus on price action and supply and demand, he has become a successful trader who has profited even in challenging market conditions. Passionate about helping others achieve their financial goals, Jordan’s hard work and dedication have led him to achieve a net worth that places him in the top 1% for his age group by the age of 25.

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Four great tips to improve your trading, so you can start becoming consistent and most importantly profitable

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