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If you’re looking for personalized guidance and support on your trading journey, booking a call with Tyler and Jordan is an awesome option. Our team can help you identify areas to improve, develop a custom trading strategy, and provide a plan to help you succeed. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, a one-on-one chat with Tyler and Jordan can provide the support you need to take your trading to the next level. Our Discord community is great for connecting with other traders and accessing resources, but a call with Tyler and Jordan is the perfect way to get tailored advice and answers to your questions.

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If you’re considering a personalized call with Tyler and Jordan, it’s important to note that while our coaches can offer valuable advice and support based on their experience, we are not financial advisors and our opinions should not be treated as financial advice. Our goal is to help you develop a personalized trading strategy that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance, and provide mentorship to help you grow and improve as a trader. So, if you’re ready to take your trading game to the next level, book a call with Tyler and Jordan today and let’s get started!

Testimonials from Our Members

Joined Option Drops relatively recently (Nov. 2022). Started watching Tyler’s YouTube daily market analysis videos in October of 2022. One factor that stuck out to me that set him apart from the rest was his honesty when it comes to the market. Honesty I’ve noticed is hard to come by in the trading world especially when it comes to all the gains that many other people post. They don’t talk about their losses or don’t acknowledge their mistakes. Taking that into consideration I had confidence in my decision to further my education with this group. Happy to say, I do not regret that decision one bit.

Jamus AikoOption Drops Member

It wasn't long before I joined the discord. I always appreciated his no-nonsense analysis. During my time here I started as a very inconsistent trader to a net neutral trader to now I consistently grow my accounts. J Ream just added even more value here and there are many in the discord who add even more value. I have learned so much during my time here and look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a trader. In my opinion this is the best discord in the business, and I have been in a couple others. Financial freedom is becoming a reality as my confidence level grows from my learning here. Thanks to Tyler, J Ream and the entire option drops group!

VokOption Drops Member

Joined the Squad due to the good analysis from Option Drops via YouTube and Twitter, smooth situation to be around other like-minded individuals that are motivated and really know the charts and give non-biased approaches to the markets!

Mr. MoncionOption Drops Member

I have watched Tyler’s YouTube since 2021 and it was evident, he was clear to his task and exactly how he thinks to give you clear and concise data in a way it will make sense even for beginners. The most value is in chat and voice for Discord. The community of traders and the advice they give and are willing to help is the help a new trader or old trader needs to clarify confusion. Jordan and his charting give direction on what to look for every morning for key levels is value you didn’t know you needed. It keeps you focused on what you need so you can trade effectively and efficiently. Solid group and it pays for itself if you are willing to learn and develop your habits yourself but need some guidance. No BS, honest opinions, genuine passion for their craft.

SammyOption Drops Member